A complimentary consultation to determine which service will best fit your needs typically lasts 15 to 30 minutes via phone. Other arrangements will be made on a case by case basis.

Are you interested in joining a lineage society or other organization that involves your ancestry? There are a diverse amount of lineage societies and they all have unique requirements. Awaken The Past can evaluate your work or construct your application from the beginning.

If you have your research complete, but would like a special a book of life, scrapbook or PowerPoint presentation, Awaken The Past can help organize and create one for you or to give as a gift. 

Have you always been interested in your family tree, but do not have the time, patience and knowledge to continue its growth?  Awaken The Past is here to help you add branches and leaves to your tree. Working with information you have supplied we will continue the research of as many roots as you desire.  There is always more to learn about a person and their past. Awaken The Past can help bring your ancestors to life by enriching their stories with personal details. Ancestors with few leaves on their branch will result in a pretty short story. Whether you are looking for that mysterious family member who constantly relocated or was married more than once, the history of an entire family or to verify family stories (e.g.- an uncle died during a climactic charge in the U.S. Civil War or Great-Grandma was close friends with a famous or infamous person). Awaken The Past will follow  your ancestors as if they were our own.

Let us know what exactly that you want researched - an individual, single generation, a lineage, or an answer to a question. We perform the research and present it to you assembled in an organized file.





Kings and Queens, Actors and Authors, Robbers and Rabble Rousers - so many people are convinced, either through family stories or a common last name that they are related to someone famous or revered, but in reality they are just as likely to be related to someone infamous or reviled. If you are ready to open the closets, cellars and attics in your family history and accept what they may reveal, we are ready to conduct the research for you. 


Do you or a family member live in an old home?  Have you always wanted to know more about its history.  Awaken the Past can conduct thorough research into the home.  Results may include information regarding the original landowner, how many homes have been located on the site and old photographs of the home. 

Awaken The Past  can summarize documents and provide searchable word documents containing only the pertinent information. Removing irrelevant information and creating a summary which will be a useful tool in research.  Do you have legal or other documents to examine?  Pouring over page after page of a handwritten document can be daunting. Let Awaken The Past  perform this tedious task for you.


Are you having trouble getting your children, grandchildren, students or scouts interested in their family history?  Let Awaken The Past help you present the information either of us has collected in a fun and educational way. Fees are on a case by case basis.

Do you live far from an important relative that you believe holds many family stories that you would love to hear, but cannot learn through a telephone call? With written consent from you and that of the interviewee, we will conduct detailed interviews with them, either to confirm or deny a family story or just to find information and hear stories of your family. With the permission of the interviewee, the interview will be recorded and photos taken during the session. Results are not guaranteed. Fees are $30 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.